Always Messing with Someone

Narcissists are always “messing” with someone. Did you know that? It’s their way of life. It’s their goal. It’s absolutely necessary for them to survive their insecurities.

A friend of mine was wondering why the narcissist in her family hasn’t “messed” with her in awhile. The answer is simple, he has been messing with someone else. She’s off his radar right now because the reward and necessity is with someone else. It’s funny how tidbits of information trickle in from the community to my friend so she understands what’s going on and it helps to reassure her that her feelings toward the narcissist are real. When they don’t “mess” with you in awhile it’s easy to fall back into doubting your thoughts creating a sense of guilt within you because maybe you got them wrong. Turns out this particular narcissist is messing with someone at his work. Of course he is. His new job provides new victims and of course he has to look like the better employee. It’s like a challenge to them what they can get away with. Life is a game and their tactics can be subtle!

Narcissists will not live with boundaries. So I can only imagine what he is doing at his job to make himself look good while playing games with the other employee. I only pray that the truth comes out. Seriously! I have another friend who worked in the dental industry. She had her room all ready for the next dental procedure, but she didn’t know that the narcissist in her office had moved key instruments so that when it came time to need those tools the dentist yelled at her for not being prepared. Yes, it is unbelievable that there are people out there like this. Don’t let your reality get twisted and don’t let it happen twice!

So, what can you do if you suspect a narcissist in your work space? Well, I hope this knowledge is step one and step two is watch your back! Lock up your desk. Log out of your computer. Pretend to walk away only to come back quicker than a normal bathroom or coffee run. Be aware! If it smells fishy well it probably isn’t above board. Remember narcissists don’t go to work with a good heart, a genuine smile or good intentions. They have an agenda and that is to look superior however they can achieve it!

My friend was told to enjoy this time of reprieve. Yes, unfortunately once the narcissist has exhausted his tactics at his work place he will have to find another victim or fall back onto an old victim. Always remember, they have to be “messing” with someone. If you know how they operate that someone doesn’t have to be you!

Part of me is happy I understand narcissism. I can smell one 20 miles away just like a bear smells a sandwich in a backpack just as far. It’s kind of fun to call them out on their behavior with facts they can’t dispute. I love helping people see the light and I will continue to share my thoughts and shed the light!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Ilaya, Author of “The Chameleons Among Us”

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