Living with a two-year-old

Those who have lived with a narcissist know first hand about their child-like behaviors.  It’s like living with a two-year-old who has tantrums and pouting episodes.

Tantrums occur when they don’t get their way or their image is tarnished in any way to the outside world.  Tantrums can lead to narcissistic rages which are very ugly and scary.  They hope to intimidate and win their way. How about the silent treatment?  That’s a winner also.  Pouting is my favorite.  Seeing a grown up pouting is unusual for sure.  It’s all done to get the attention they feel entitled to have and to get their way.

When you are in the relationship you might not see the ridiculousness of their behavior, but if you are more educated now and look back, you will remember the childish behavior that you were forced to deal with.

If you find yourself dealing with such childish charades, remember you or somebody else pushed their buttons.  It’s not hard to understand what those buttons are, because it’s your responsibility to get educated and strong.

Be well.




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