Three’s a Crowd

We’ve all heard the saying, “Two’s company and Three’s a Crowd.”  This is certainly true when it comes to dealing with a narcissist.

We all know the prefix “tri” means three.  There’s a tactic used by narcissists that involves a third person.  They love to either make their victims jealous or manipulate the third person’s viewpoint of the victim.  They love to make the victim look crazy and they do this by using “triangulation.”

Triangulation is very clever, sneaky, and effective.  Whether it be a love triangle created by the narcissist or a smear campaign ruining the victim’s reputation with the oblivious enablers or flying monkeys, the tactic is calculated due to the hidden agenda.  The agenda is to fuel the narcissist’s low self-esteem at whatever the cost.  Remember, they need to hide their abuse somehow and keep you from leaving by using jealousy.

I’m sorry if you find yourself getting jealous over another woman (or man) brought into the picture.  Also, get used to the narcissists circle of “friends” being appalled by your behavior and viewing you as the evil one.  This is very common and all you can do is dig deep and concentrate on healing yourself and give yourself positive affirmations.  Remember, you aren’t the bad guy here and you more than likely can’t fix the huge trail of destruction that narcissists leave behind.  Look beyond the dust cloud before you.

Stay strong.  Stay safe.  Educate yourself and seek happiness.  Life is short and you deserve to live each day with a smile.

🙂  Ilaya



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