Truth Demands A Response

Truth demands a response.  I’ve heard this a lot lately.  The truth is, narcissism is more prevalent than we think.  My response to that truth, is this blog and my book coming out in September.

Narcissism can be subtle or it can be very obvious.  For those who have been through a relationship with a narcissist, spotting one is very easy.  There’s an aura about them and of course time brings out their cruel behavior.

Educating the public is the next step in exposing this personality disorder that destroys so many lives.  I’m so thankful that I can share this wisdom with not only my children, but everyone who crosses my path.  Just think how a brief conversation could prevent your child from dating or marrying someone with narcissistic tendencies.  It’s so easy to share the symptoms and their tactics.

As most of us older folks know, the honeymoon stage of a relationship is only a brief time.  “Falling in love” can be blinding and it’s our job as parents and members of society to help educate and guide our youth and our dear friends so that life can be lived to its fullest without abuse and destruction.

I was happy to read about Shane’s Law.  Consider signing the petition on  I’m surely not the only one trying to start a movement against narcissistic abuse.

Be well.  Be strong.



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