Feel like a Possession?

Do you feel like you are a possession in your relationship?  If you do, just know, it’s not normal.

Nobody wants to feel like a possession rather than a human being with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and dreams.  Narcissists can’t love you, so they act like you are their possession.  Their possession to control and display.  Who has been told that you have been put on a pedestal?  Crazy isn’t it?

You have been put on that pedestal like a prized possession when you comply with the narcissist’s demands.  When you fight back and disobey, then you are taken off the pedestal and devalued in order to make you feel guilty.

Have you heard that you are one in a billion only to be told that now you are one in a thousand?  Same concept.  Narcissists put their victims in high places only to set them up for a punishment that is sure to come.  It makes them feel powerful as they control their possession.

I’m amazed as I write.  It’s almost unbelievable the life that victims have with their narcissist.

Don’t be a possession any more.  You are a human being that deserves to be put on the pedestal to never be knocked off.  A healthy partner will keep  you there and not plan to shove you off of it.

Educate yourself.  Feel empowered.  You aren’t alone!  Stay strong!


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