Narcissists need fuel.  It’s an interesting concept for sure.  Where do they get this “fuel”?  Anywhere they can.  They need fuel every day and will destroy anything in their path to refuel.

Narcissists thrive on creating conflict in order to feel in charge.  Their victim(s) is/are their fuel.  They will argue about nothing.  Conversations go around in circles in order to scramble the victim’s mind.  Distortion of reality is their goal so that you question yourself and your thoughts resulting in caving to their desires.  Jumping through their hoops is part of their fuel.  This is how they boost their self esteem.

Sometimes they make their victims jealous by bringing in another person of interest.  They will jump to someone else for fuel and they love to make you jealous so that you think they are this awesome person to fight for.  Not!  Don’t get trapped into this nonsense.  Their tactics are stealth-like and it’s easy to get caught up in their tangled web.

Don’t feel bad if you are in such a relationship.  It’s easy for any one of us to be snookered, bamboozled, and fooled.  Continuing to stay and be abused however is your choice.

Empty their fuel tank!  Educate yourself and be strong.  Your thoughts are important and you should feel loved.  Don’t let your brain be scrambled.

I hope this sheds more light and helps many!  Sending positive energy your way.  You can do this!


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